Monday, January 20, 2014

Sleeping beauties, coffee, and the pursuit of edibles

"Ba-bee!!" (That's her baby, aka bunny, tied on her back in a sling.)

Small, sleeping. Because sleeping kids are cute...

Sunshine, sleeping. (Actually, she was more like a raincloud today, hence the early sleeping...)

Princess posing as Sleeping Beauty 

Squishy being squished

Megan has decided that Squishy's first word should be "coffee." Repeating it over and over was not having the desired effect (he's only about six months old) so she turned to ever-handy Google and researched "How to teach a baby to talk." (I may or may not have also caught an unnamed intern Googling "How to change a dirty nappy [diaper]." )

Google: You should frequently name objects for your baby.
Megan: (Holding up rattle) Cof-fee. (Holding up car) Cof-fee. (Holding up random toy) Cof-fee. (Holding up shoe on wheels) Some people call this a shoe. Cof-fee!
Squishy: AAAaaahhhhhhhhaa!

Actually having to feed myself, is going somewhat better, although I'm glad we're going shopping tomorrow morning as my/our cupboards are in a sorry state. We have lots of eggs, and a few other things. Someone reminded me about those handy websites where you type in what you have and it comes up with recipes for you. They were very useful, at least if you disregarded the recipes like "lettuce, peanut butter and mayo sandwich." I can't wait to buy more food and make delicious things (or burn stuff trying...more likely story).
I've been intensely craving asparagus today - the fresh kind, which I've heard is super expensive...*sigh.* I could fry a whole pan-full in bacon grease and garlic and butter right now and eat THE ENTIRE PAN BY MYSELF. And I wouldn't even have to share. Much, anyways. Ha ha! We'll see exactly how much "way too expensive" is, tomorrow...

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