Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Candy wrapper jewelry tutorial

When I went to visit my best friend in January, she gave me a big bag of old Starburst wrappers. This may not sound exciting to most of you, but I knew I could turn them into something fun. She'd gone through a stage in high school where she made tons of candy wrapper jewelry, and I was pretty sure I remembered how it was made. I think you can do it with gum wrappers as well, or basically any little paper wrapper.

So for a long time, I was busy sorting and folding wrappers. I love rainbow things!

Start with a flat candy wrapper - smooth out the corners.

Fold the long edges in towards the middle.

Fold the outside edges in towards the middle again.

Fold in half.

Now fold in half this way.

Now fold the edges in towards the middle, so you have a little V shape.

Repeat ad infinitum, or as many times as necessary. I used 24 wrappers for a bracelet, 56 for a necklace.

Tuck the ends of each V inside the loops on the ends of the other V.

Repeat. There, you have a chain!

Now you can take some string or hemp (the kind you use to make braided jewelry) and a yarn needle and run it through your chain to help hold it together and tie it.

I ended up with eighteen bracelets...

...and eight necklaces.

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