Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I'm off!

And....I'm off! Actually, right now I'm sitting in the Cleveland, OH airport waiting for my delayed flight. ;) It's not too late, and I have a 2 1/2 hour layover in Chicago, so I'm not too worried. I'm FINALLY going! I've dreamed of traveling the world (with my fiddle, which is sitting here next to me...) for years. My best friend and I always talked about how we would travel the world together. We have yet to make a trip together but we have both been several places now. =) This is one of my favorite songs and it seems to be becoming my theme song:
If you haven't checked out Andrew Peterson's music, you should! I especially love his Counting the Stars album. Side note: he writes awesome fantasy books as well...

For those of you interested in details, I will be flying from Cleveland to Chicago. My flight leaves out of Chicago at 9:55 and I get to London tomorrow morning. London is 5 hours ahead of us, so it will still be early here. That is an 8-9 hour flight. I have a 7 hour layover....not long enough to go anywhere, unfortunately....and then I fly out of London tomorrow afternoon/evening. That is a long flight - almost 11 hours! I will meet a fellow intern, Alyssa, in London, so I will have someone with me the last leg of my journey. =) I have to remember to check in online soon and try to reserve my seat so I don't get stuck in the middle again. =/ I get to Johannesburg around 8:30 Friday morning. Hoping I sleep on the plane! I'm all stocked up on Nyquil and melatonin, just in case. So exciting! I can't believe I'm finally going! Still just a little nervous, but not so much now that I am at the airport and checked in. Traveling alone doesn't scare me but I am glad I'm meeting up with Alyssa in London - it's always fun to have someone to travel with. =)

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