Friday, March 25, 2016

Our babies & what's been happening

It has been a while since I've been on here! Lots has happened since...when was it...October?? I'm sure you would all like to see and hear about all of the babies we have right now.

I will warn you up front that I have the most pictures of Happy! I shouldn't play favorites but I rationalize that it's ok because every baby is someone's favorite! He is almost 18 months old now.

He loves to help me with gardening - especially when it involves a free ride.

Little guy makes my life busy but is so much fun.

"Mama, why are all the other kids teasing me about my chitenga? I think it's cool!"

We took a trip to the local petting zoo to see his beloved "bak baks" (chickens) and all the "AMMALS!" but he was kind of scared. I guess I would be too if I was surrounded by turkeys as high as my head. He enjoyed it more when he was riding on my shoulders.

"Look, it's a leaf."

All dressed up in his Sunday best.

Generally up for a ride on my "Ba! Ba!" (back)

"Happy, say cheese!"

Out for some yummy ice cream

 Little Pooh has started smiling and laughing (his laughs are crazy and sound kind of like pterodactyl shrieks!) He is five months old. He cut his second tooth right before his five-month birthday.

Here he is doing some tummy time with Anakin Skywalker!

He had a mohawk for a little while. Punk baby!

Little Piglet is also five months old (this is an older picture). He is wiggly and squirmy and likes to roll. He quickly wins everyone's hearts with his smile!

Eeyore ties with Pooh for heavyweight champion at MBH. Even though he's only three months old, he matches five month old Pooh, weighing in at 8 kgs. He likes to be held and wants to eat ALL the time!

Time for church in his polo shirt and Nikes!

Roo is four months old and also likes to wiggle and roll. He is a bit of a charmer and his sad face usually makes Auntie Sarah or Mama Linda pick him up.

Princess is a two month old girl with a big fat belly and chubby cheeks! She mostly likes to sleep and eat (a lot) but has recently started smiling and cooing too.

That is all for today! I am going to try to start blogging weekly and I think if I try to catch up on everything at once I will be overwhelmed and stop again. Better to start small!

Love you all and miss you!

Auntie Abbie