Saturday, January 18, 2014

Weekend retreat

We spent this weekend on a "farm" (South African for a large plot of land, with or without animals and crops - in this case, without) for the 1Hope Ministries retreat. It was gorgeous, out in the African countryside.

I was thankful to not meet any cobras, although it might have been nice to see leopards from a safe distance.

These mountains make me itch to go hiking. Megan offered to take us on a short hike (about 45 minutes) and I can't wait, but I would love to find an adventurous soul to take us on an all-day hike!

Aaaaaaahhhhh. Aren't you itching too?

Sunset <3

So beautiful!

This is where we all slept. As you can see, we were a phobic bunch of girls and all shoved our mattresses together to make one big bed. (The families stayed somewhere else.)

There was a pool. I mourned my lack of a bathing suit while Alyssa taught several of the girls how to swim. Think I need to go shopping.

I think they were all pretty successful!

View from the window on the drive home

Yes, I am on the left side, for all my American friends. ;)

Well, I am on call tonight, so I'd better sleep while I can. Auntie Jeanne (the actual one on duty) just walked through and exclaimed, "Why are you not sleeping yet!!??" She's right....;)

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