Monday, August 10, 2015

Full house!

Hi everyone! I know it's been a while, but here's a post full of baby pictures to make up for it!

We now have a full house with the arrival of two new babies! 

Meet little "Mbututu" (a Zambian word for "baby" that sounds funny, so Auntie Patricia likes to use it when she talks about him).

He's a tiny little guy and likes to keep Auntie Linda up at night!

This is my new baby girl, "Bright Eyes." She's often wide awake with big eyes!

She likes to suck her fists.

She's a much better sleeper than Mbututu (knock on wood...)

First time on my back

She enjoys being carried.

Also, tummy time. (Auntie Abbie likes this one too, as it allows me to be flat on my back in the sunshine with my eyes closed...)

Chickadee and Chipmunk are learning to sit.

"Lean on me, when you're not strong...I'll be your twin...I'll help you carry onnnnn...."

Chipmunk is just too cool for you to handle. (No, she doesn't smile much, ever. Her twin does...)

I think she is the smaller twin but she's all chub.

She twists her body until her head almost touches her back when she's angry. I found her asleep like this the other night during "Unhappy Hour" (anytime after 5 pm).

Her fat cheeks make her the perfect candidate for anything with bear ears.


They like to lie next to each other, hold hands, and kick each other. Yes, they will stay together, for everyone who is asking. =)

Chickadee visited church on Sunday, where she made sure to praise the Lord loudly with happy sounds, despite Auntie Joy's best efforts.

Happy is scooting (almost crawling) VERY quickly and he is a little bruiser. He's earned the nickname Booboo for all the times he pinches, pokes, and sits on the other babies! He's fast!

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters...many men have tried to split us up...oh wait, just this one. ;)

He stands up in his cot. He particularly likes to stand up and play with the curtains and ask for high fives at 3 am, or so I hear from Mama Linda.

Snuffy and Happy are both eating all kinds of various veggies and fruits. Snuffy loves food, whereas Happy has kind of decided he's not into eating...he's pretty ADD! He holds even his bottle for about 5 seconds before he decides to crawl off and steal someone's toy.

I make all their food and they've tried lots of different things: beets, avocado, bananas, apples, persimmons, butternut, spinach, pumpkin, gem squash, sweet potato, turnips, carrots, black beans, chicken, yogurt, cantaloupe, and a few more things. Our blender is starting to give out - I'm going to set up a YouCaring page to take donations for a food processor, soon! I'm hoping to raise a little extra as well to buy supplies to make baby books/scrapbooks to send home with each baby when they leave.

Well, I'm on night shift tonight, and I don't get much of a chance to sleep Tuesday morning, so I'm off to bed! Hope you enjoyed the pictures. =)