Saturday, April 9, 2016

B is for Bak Bak

Happy (or little B as we call him) looooooves his "bak baks" SO much! He'd spend all day out there if I let him (with regular breaks for FUDE! FUDE!)

He tries to feed them bits of greenery through the fence.

The chickens themselves are doing quite fine. They are giving me 5-6 eggs a day now. I got an automatic feeder and waterer this week to avoid food waste (probably like 1/3 wasted due to scratching it out on the ground and not eating it) and to help keep the water clean. Of course, it's also nice to not have to get up and feed them and water them before work! Haha!

B was SO excited when we went to buy the waterer today! He's seen the feeder in the chicken coop, and when we got to that section of the store, he started screaming excitedly, "BAK BAK! BAK BAK!" I told him that it was for the bak baks' water and his excitement knew no bounds. He didn't stop hollering about BAK BAKS WAWA BAK BAKS WAWA alllll the way though the store, the checkout lane, out to the car...he's such a nerd! Haha!

"B, say bak bak!"

Little B also loves his "TEA! TEA!" with about as much enthusiasm. Rooibos is a caffeine free tea that is very popular here. 

Sihle's Iced Tea

8 rooibos tea bags
2 liters water
1 cup raw sugar (called brown sugar here)
Several generous squirts of lemon
Couple of peaches

Boil the tea bags, water, and sugar. Add lemon and sliced peaches and allow to steep. I find I like to water it down just a tiny bit. It's also good with passionfruit! This is B's absolute favorite and mine too. I don't need to buy peach iced tea when I am out anymore because this is just as good!

B also loves the sandbox. I just recently was able to dry it out enough for him to use. It buys me a good half hour or so! He usually needs a bath as he manages to get it EVERYWHERE! It's part of the reason I buzzed his hair again...

That's all for tonight! Talk to you hopefully next week!