Saturday, January 11, 2014

Settling in...and baby pictures!

We spent today settling in and getting to know the babies and some of the caregivers (the ones who are here on weekend duty). Megan is here helping out while the Drews, the missionaries who live at the baby home, are visiting in the States, and the other ladies we met today were Rebecca, Divine, and Joy. They were a lot of fun to meet and spend time with and definitely all have a sense of humor. =) Conversations went something like this:

Rebecca: Joy, why do you want to eat that salad? Who wants to be healthy? No one ever said being unhealthy was bad for you. I will be unhealthy. I like chocolate. Chocolate is good for you. It has milk...
(Joy continues to chop up her salad of cabbage, apples, mayonnaise, and bananas. Blech.)
Me: And, it's even a vegetable. Cocoa comes from a bean.
Rebecca: YES! Go Team Unhealthy!
Me: Is this like, a traditional African salad or something?
Rebecca: Don't ask us, ask Joy. We are diluted Africans...

Rebecca: I am tired. I need a rest.
Megan: You need coffee.
Me: Or, she needs sleep.
Megan: Coffee is better than sleep. Sleep is what you do when you don't have coffee. You need coffee.

This about sums up the depth of Megan's coffee addiction. Just sayin'...

Soooo....I know you all want to see pictures of cute, squishy babies. I won't make you wait any longer. =)

For the sake of clarity/privacy, we'll call him "Little Guy"...he's about 4 weeks old. Cute as a button. And, kind of crabby today. ;) Very squishy....and definitely knows how to work the ladies to get held I just wish my nieces would have been this spoiled when they were babies...

Baby #2 we will call "Squishy." He was pretty happy today...

Our first official shift isn't until tomorrow, so today we just kind of hung out and I held this little guy in between working on my crochet project (a fuzzy lamb).

Or, we fed Squishy...


My roomie Alyssa loving on Squishy.

Little Guy is teeny tiny...

Squishy being cute. I think he was getting ready for movie time. It's this DVD about a rabbit named Miffy that moves uber slow and has about 4 colors in the entire show, plus a theme song at the beginning and end that takes up about half of each episode. I've been informed I will know it by heart by the time I leave. Rebecca can quote entire episodes...Oh dear.

Side note: I'm not sure which will come first, starvation or learning how to menu plan, shop, and cook. I'm a more than a little clueless when it comes to planning and timing (although I can follow a recipe) and Alyssa has the self-proclaimed cooking skills of a thirty-year-old bachelor. Hm. Well, maybe I'll finally lose weight. Rebecca's solution to that: "Well, if you want to lose weight, that is fine. If not, eat more chocolate."

I am so privileged to be able to be here. When I look at my life a year ago, I see a lot of longing to "do something" and a monotonous stretch of daycare in front of me. I lived my life in fear of losing my job. Now I realize that quitting was one of the best things I ever did. 

God has done so much more than I ever imagined in the last year, starting with one message in March from my friend Stephanie who asked, "Do you want to come to Bulgaria with me?" I was planning on getting time off from work, if possible, to go. It was looking like I wouldn't be able to get the time off, so I was prepared to quit. At the last minute, plans changed, and I would be able to have the time off, but by that time, I had thought through my reasons for staying at or leaving my job, and I decided it was time to quit and look for something else after I came back from Bulgaria. Well, I went to Bulgaria, which was earth-shattering enough in itself, then came back and started looking for a job with NO success. I was getting very frustrated! Meanwhile, Stephanie's Bulgarian attorney's friend (whom I have never met in person) posted a link to the 1Hope blog expressing the need for interns. I've always wanted to go to Africa, but saw it as something way off in the future, for a number of reasons. But, I thought this sounded like just what I wanted to do, so I applied (and here I am now!) Meanwhile, God paved the way for me to go back to Bulgaria again in December, and continued to give me the nagging feeling (that I still have) that I'm not done there yet! I have no idea what that means...=) but it sounds like an adventure to me!

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