Sunday, February 2, 2014

I do still exist...

Hi all! Yes, I'm still here....somewhere under all the spit-up! ;) I know you were wondering! This isn't going to be a long blog post, but I promise I will get to one in the next few days. We've been really busy...I haven't been counting the hours, but we've probably been working closer to 50 hours a week than 40. It's a combination of days, nights, early mornings, and split shifts, so when I get off, I SLEEP! =D Or cook. Or wash the dishes (did you know they keep appearing day after day, and don't go away until you wash them? Imagine!) I'm loving it all, but, it doesn't leave much time or energy for anything be patient...a long post *is* coming!  Right now I have an hour off to get ready for church this afternoon, so I should probably go clean myself (temporarily) of aforementioned spitup...

In other news, Megan left this morning. =( She might come back. In the meantime, I think she needs some rest, don't you?

She's gone right now, so she can't kill me for posting this. No Alyssa, I would never do this to you. Just Megan. =P

Love to you all!

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