Thursday, January 16, 2014

We have now gone mobile! (Or, life with toddlers.)

"jv  vmvmrmdyq399tyggu7cmnnjmnhh!" ~ by the resident toddler in our house

She doesn't live at the baby home (any more). She is being adopted by the local missionaries we are sharing a house with. ;) She wanted a picture, but wasn't so sure about the smiling at first. ;)

There we go. Because what toddler doesn't love the camera? Also, helping with a blog post.

Yes, she's a busy one! Biker chick too as you can tell. ;)

In other toddler news, we have another little one staying with us for just a while. She's been here before. =)

We'll call her "Sunshine." Just look at that smile. 

Also, Peanut has been renamed..."Small." Because that's what everyone calls him. So from henceforth, he will be called "Small" on here. I like it. It's reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh and Rabbit's friends-and-relations. (Ok, you may only get that reference if you've read the original books by A.A. Milne...I'm not sure if they put it in the TV series...)

Here are some more baby pictures of Princess. =)

Funny moment of the day: So, we want to learn how to braid hair (or "plat" as they call it). Auntie Jeanne said she would show us how.

Jeanne: I'll bring in my dog for you to practice on.
Me: Your dog?
Jeanne: Yes, it has a big head of hair. Good for practice.
Me: Ok...(envisioning a big fluffy poodle, or something...)

Well, it turns out she said DOLL not DOG. Guess I didn't hear her right. Yeah, that makes a little more sense...It was this really creepy looking head!

Joy, Alyssa (holding Squishy) and myself (holding Little Guy). Joy just moved in with us. She is from Zimbabwe and speaks Shona (in addition to English). I like her a lot! =)

This is Rebecca, who shuns all things healthy. Bring on the chocolate!

Us =)

Aunties Patricia and Jeanne holding Small and Princess


They both fell asleep while we were holding them.

This is our new church family. We went to church on Sunday and took the babies (we only had Little Guy and Squishy at that point). Next Sunday we are just taking Sunshine and Squishy. All of the little ones are staying at home until they are a bit older. I'm second from the right, front row.

Tonight I am on call so I will be sleeping up on the baby home couch. We have 3 newborns, a 6 month old, and a toddler, so we will be busy! Even so I am so grateful to be able to meet these babies' needs at this young age. I love being here, but it grieves me even more for all the little ones around the world who are thrown in a crib and left alone. I'm hoping and praying I will be able to do more for those ones as well, in the years to come.

Love you all!

~ Abbie

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