Friday, January 10, 2014


Hi all!! I'm sure my friends and family in the Midwest would love to know that I'm sitting here in pleasant, WARM South Africa right now! I'm not sure of the temperature (even if I did see a thermometer, it would be in Celsius...) but I'm guessing around 80 degrees or so. I'm sitting here on the couch right now and someone asked me, "What is the weather like right now where you live?"

"2 degrees Fahrenheit, let me Google that, that's about -16 Celsius...."

*he whistles...*

It's very nice. I'm not roasting but I did have to buy sunblock today. ;)

We had a 10 hour or so flight from England. This plane did have individual TV's, but at this point I was too tired to watch anything up until right before we landed. I took Nyquil and a double dose of Melatonin, and I think I slept about 6 hours off and on.

I did, however, watch the moving exciting!

Especially as we got closer!

We sat behind a rather grouchy lady with a distinct English accent. My bag was kind of big, and it took a little time to wedge it under the seat. She turns around and, in a very disgruntled tone, says, "May I ask what you are doing back there?? Because I am feeling this pushing on my seat and it is constant."
Me: Well, I'm just trying to fit this bag under here, it's kind of tight...actually, your seat just thumped me on my head pretty hard...
Grouchy lady: Well, it was probably your head.

=) Sometimes you just have to laugh. Only, not where the grouchy people can hear you. ;)

 It didn't take very long to get through passport control and customs (even though I couldn't remember the address and phone number of where I was staying) and to get our luggage.

 Some missionaries, the Macks, picked us up at the airport, along with two of their little girls (they have nine children). 

Can you tell we are jet lagged? ;) I'm not sure why I don't have any pupils. I hear you can get contacts that look like that. I'm not sure why anyone would want them! This is us with enough luggage for a combined total of 15 months between us.

It was about 40 minutes or so (I think) to drive us to the baby home. They do indeed drive on the left side of the road, for those of you who were wondering.

We got to come to the baby home and meet the babies right away. <3 There are two there at the moment, one who is only a few weeks old and one who is a little older - five or six months maybe? I can't remember for sure. I am not allowed to post their names, but I can post pictures. =) So I will try to do that soon - I know that is what you are REALLY waiting for! We are probably getting one more baby this week, and maybe more soon. We met two of the baby home workers, Zhan - not sure on that spelling - and Patrica. Also, Megan, who is a South Africa intern from the local church and working there for a few weeks.

Marta Mack left us to get settled into our new home.

This, folks, is home sweet home for the next five months for me and the next ten months for Alyssa. I'll try to get more inside pictures once we get our room cleaned up a bit. =)

Alyssa and I share a room. A girl named Vanessa and her husband Newton and their daughter also live here. Their daughter was the first baby at the baby home and she is theirs now. =) She's super cute and very curious. I think someone else might sleep here but I'm not sure.

Marta told us that Carlene, the attorney that works for the baby home, would come pick us up at one o'clock to go grocery shopping and we could get settled in and take a nap - she would wake us up if we weren't awake. Of course we zonked out on our beds. After showering...I hadn't had a shower in much too long. Plus, I don't like wearing the same clothes three days in a row. ;) I am now wearing my very VERY colorful skirt, which seems just right for this nice warm weather and matches everything.

We woke several hours later to a very perky, distinctly South African voice...

"Wake up, wake up, I have come to take you shopping!"

I couldn't help waking up to a voice that cheerful...Alyssa was a little more jet lagged.

"Wake up, wake up, you must get up now if you want to get over your jet lag!"

Me: Carlene, you would make a good alarm clock.
Carlene: Yes, but I wouldn't like it!

We did, indeed, manage to both wake up, with some grogginess...and rode to the grocery store.

Carlene: So, do you know what you want?
Me: Um, no, I've never grocery shopped for myself or planned menus before...
Megan (sitting with me in the back seat): You are hopeless!


We went shopping at the local grocery store. I believe it was called the "Pack 'n' Pay." They had a pretty good selection, MUCH better than the Bulgarian grocery store! It helped that I could read the labels! We bought oranges, bananas, mangoes, peaches, potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, yogurt, milk, eggs, sugar, spices, salt, chicken thighs, ground beef, tuna, bread, peanut butter, jelly, condiments, cereal, instant oatmeal, Nesquik, juice, shampoo and conditioner, sunscreen, water, butter, lunchmeat, cheese, tea, crackers, and that's about it. I was a bit overwhelmed, my first time having to do any grocery shopping without a list from Mom! Hopefully next time we will have a menu, a list, and, hopefully, a better budget...

Funny thing, there is a cereal called "Pillows." So, you can buy chocolate pillows. You can also buy ostrich jerky. I didn't, yet. Perhaps sometime soon. 

We went to the Macks' for supper (dinner here) and had enchiladas. They have 9 kids, 3 of which are fostered/adopted. Lots of girls running around and only 3 lonely boys! The Mack kids valiantly did their part to keep us awake by playing various board games, including one that was similar to a game that I have played before where the one person has to describe a word and their teammates have to guess it. Only, it was full of South African brand names and words like "plaster" instead of "Band-Aid." So that was interesting! They have a piano, and I hope I can play it sometime. Alyssa plays the flute and I play the violin, so we are hoping to play together. I will need a lot of practice!

We are going to a retreat this weekend at Megan's family's farm. The conversation goes like this:

Me: So, what animals do you have on your farm?
Megan: Dogs, bunnies, and leopards. Oh, and the neighbor has giraffes.
Me: Leopards? You mean, like vicious leopards?
Megan: Yes, leopards.
Me: Are they in cages?
Megan: No, they run around free. But they don't bother you...

Dogs and bunnies and leopards, oh my! I'm presuming we will be just fine...ha ha! 

My first official shift is on Sunday morning (we have church in the afternoon). Mostly we are helping and observing this week as they train us. I did get to hold the cute, squishy newborn today. =) I would have liked to spend more time over there, but desperately needed to nap. Just not too long, or I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. I'm sure I will be adjusted to the time change soon...probably one or two good nights of sleep will do it. I think that I shall go do that very soon. 

Feel free to comment on my blog and I will try to reply. I switched it so anyone can comment, not just someone with an account.

Love to you all from South Africa! <3


  1. Get your rest. I am so excited to hear all your news!

  2. I enjoyed your entry. I am able to get a good mental picture from your descriptions. Looking forward to seeing the babies. I am praying for restful sleep, well measured, so that jet lag is not an ugly monster for too long.-