Monday, January 12, 2015

Bits and pieces

Just a few snippets - some content I found on my computer, but never got around to blogging about.

Here are some of the sounds of the Bible study in Salvakop. I had sent them from my phone to my email, but I finally figured out how to convert them and put them on my blog. The sound quality isn't great - I was recording it on an older, small phone - but it's fun and makes me miss my friends there!

Salvakop ladies singing #1

Hopefully next year I will be able to sing more of these songs! I'm going to learn at least some Shona - Joy is going to teach me. =)

Salvakop ladies singing #2

Also, I found some more Megan quotes in a grocery list file entitled "Chickpeas."



Megan: Did you ever see something so cute you wanted to bite it?
Me: I think that’s a sign of some kind of mineral deficiency.

Megan: One day Alyssa is going to cut herself and Coke is going to pour out instead of blood…

Megan: Now all the way down my esophagus is minty.
Me: I’m so glad you have a minty esophagus.