Sunday, October 5, 2014

Support raising

Some of you have asked how much support I will need to raise. That is something I should be hashing out in the next few weeks. Unless I have a wealthy relative die and leave their inheritance to me very soon, however, I'm not in danger of meeting my goal for a while. =) So I have again put up a donate button on the side of my blog...if any of you feel led to give, that would be a blessing! As I already mentioned, I am trying to raise enough for a (used) car this time...which means paying for gas/petrol, insurance, and (hopefully not) repairs, so my support will be more per month than last time.

As I figure out exactly how much I will need to come back, I hope to break it down and do a post so you can see where the money is going. 


Baby home screening - I can't really post much but keep praying for us as a lot of changes and challenges are ahead. 

"Roo" has earned two nicknames. (I need to get a new picture - this is an old one. He has short hair now. *tears*)

#1 - Stinkomazi. Inkomazi is this cultured, buttermilk-type drink that Africans are fond of. (I'm not really a person of culture, myself...unless it's yogurt. Or cheese. Remember how much Americans like cheese? A lot, according to my African friends.) Roo vomits ALL the time (I think he has/had acid reflux, according to our resident nurse) and every time, Auntie Jeanne would be all, "Inkomazi coming up!" His clothes are always kind of stinky, thanks to the vomit. Hence, Stinkomazi.

#2 - The Pillsbury Doughboy. (Actually, I've modified this to include his real name, but I can't post it here.) This is because he giggles like crazy! If I can get the internet to work speedily, I'll try to post a video of him laughing hysterically! Janelle was trying to remember what the Pillsbury Doughboy makes. "Cresent rolls? Biscuits? Sticky buns?"

"Yeah, he makes plenty of sticky buns! You just changed his nappy, remember?"


Pray for two of our babies as well - they should have some exciting news to share in a few weeks! 

Funny moment of the night: Joy is standing on a very wobbly rocking chair, trying to dust the fan.
Me: Joy, be careful!
Joy: Don't worry, if I fall you can just give me milk! Milk makes people stop crying!

Our beloved Auntie Jeanne has left us - she inherited a shop in Limpopo when her nephew, who owned it, moved back to Congo. She will hopefully be able to earn more money there to save for her eventual return to Congo. We miss her terribly - it was a very sudden departure and we only had a few days' notice.

Continue to pray for "Buddy," the little one who was in our care for only a week. We received some news on him, that was good in many ways, but it's a hard situation still, so keep him in your prayers. There is hope, and that's a good thing. God is working.

Sorry, guys, some of those updates were pretty ambiguous. =) Such is the nature of working with the social services system. Just wanted to let you know things are still happening! I'll do a post with lots of baby pictures soon.