Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fridge magnets

I found a lot of old brooches while cleaning out my grandma's room recently. She never wears them (I had to sneak them out, because she's at that stage of dementia where she won't get rid of used tissues or curdled milk...) and I couldn't really think of anything I would wear them with either, but I wanted to do something with them because they were so pretty!

I had seen ideas on Pinterest for turning vintage jewelry into refrigerator magnets, so I thought that would be fun. It was super easy!

First, I ripped/bent off all the clasps from the backs of the brooches. It's pretty easy to do with just your hands.

I filled in the missing stones on this one with rhinestones taken from some old earrings. They aren't all the same shape, but that's ok!

Out comes the trusty hot glue gun and some heavy duty magnets from Hobby Lobby!

There you go - all done! I can't wait to put these on my fridge in South Africa!

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