Tuesday, May 20, 2014

You are wanted, wee one

Last Thursday we got a call about a baby who needed placed immediately. We already had a preemie scheduled to arrive on Friday, which would make the 6th baby and fill our last spot.

This baby needed a home right away. No one even knew his name or birthday. We'd have 7 babies for a little while (I have exciting news coming soon for one of our little ones!) He had a very sad start to his life and needed some loving care.

We think he is about three weeks old. His blog nickname will be "Roo," (like from Winnie the Pooh). It's a play off of the name we gave him, and it fits in well with "Small" and "Owlie" (both also reminiscent of Pooh). =)

It is such a privilege to hold him and whisper truth to him.

"You are loved."

"We want you."

"God sent you here."

"You are not abandoned."

"You are precious."

"You are not neglected, forgotten, or an accident."

"You are treasured."

Here is Roo with his new "mama" Patricia. She loves her babies so much. Her room is toasty warm in the winter. She stays in there a lot with the preemies, but she is always holding one or arranging toys in their cot or putting one down for tummy time. =) She is also a "mama" to Cupcake and Small, so she will be busy!

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