Friday, May 9, 2014

He places the lonely in families... Part 3

Our trip to Buttons' city was delayed due to her having some medical procedures (she has cerebral palsy and was getting a cast removed). I think we got there Thursday night and were allowed a visit before she left to rest after her busy day.

She too is a heart-stealer!

They had told us that she loved pushing buttons (hence her blog nickname). Mama C had bought her a toy "iPad," but unfortunately the buttons were really hard to press and all she could do was turn it on and off and adjust the volume. She did really love doing that... ;)

She liked being bounced on Mama's lap.

The next day we showed up for a visit in the morning, and got to go out to lunch with the foster family! Mama C and I were in search of the perfect Bulgarian dessert. I think Buttons found it.

She was goofy and kept telling Mama "Bite me!"

After dessert, we had a happy surprise - they told us we could take Buttons to our hotel room and hang out for the afternoon!

Buddy liked his stuffed dog, but Buttons wasn't really into the toy animal thing.

She really preferred something with buttons she could press. Like my camera. Or laptop. Although it was a fun surprise, it would have been nice to know ahead of time, as we had approximately two toys to entertain the poor girl all afternoon...we kind of really had no idea what to do.

I had soooo much fun snuggling this squishy girl!!

So did her mama. =)

Selfies are always fun!

As are boots...on your hands? She also had an unhealthy preoccupation with washing her hands...I think she liked to play in the water.

She even got to Skype Daddy and her siblings back home! (That's her holding my camera. It's the only way we could keep her from attacking the laptop. She kept dismally wailing something about wanting the button..."MEMES UN BUTTONNNNNN!!!!" is what it sounded like!)

Towards the end of the visit, she conked out on the bed.

She and Mama got to have a sweet moment...

The next day was our final day with her. We went in for a visit at the social services center. That's her with someone's phone. We had eight or nine people in the room, all sitting and watching us and chatting in Bulgarian. Us monolingual people felt a little left out...I really need to learn a second language. Any language...

Buttons was wearing an eye patch to correct lazy eye, or something. I think it made her extra cute.

She's adorable! It's so hard saying goodbye, even though you know they are in good hands (both hers and Buddy's foster families were wonderful). Buttons didn't seem to quite understand, so it was easier than saying goodbye to Buddy. I am happy to say, however, that Gotcha Day for these two sweeties is THIS MONDAY!!! (May 12th!)

Buttons' city is GORGEOUS, and unfortunately, besides walking up and down the main street once or twice, we didn't get to see ANYTHING. If I go back to Bulgaria again, I'd like to's on the border of Romania. Apparently you can look across the river and see it. Another adoptive family did just that...I wish we'd have had a stroller and would have been able to go walking. (She's super heavy and we couldn't carry her far...)
The main street

Accordion player out in the cold. I love street musicians.

Stray dogs are everywhere in Bulgaria. They seem to have a pretty efficient system. They catch them, do something (give them shots and fix them, maybe?) then let them go with a tag on their ear. Restaurants and other places put out food scraps. None of them seem to be starving, and they politely get out of your way when you walk by. Seems like a better system than leaving them to rot in shelters, then euthanizing them. Bulgarian dogs all seem quite happy. 

This guy, though was the exception to the rule, as he seemed to be longing for some companionship!


Can't we adopt a Bulgarian dog too? Such a sweet puppy.

Well, that about wraps up my account of my December trip! Sorry it took me so long to share it with you.

Here's some bonus shots of the Swiss Alps from the airplane window.

My heart is in little pieces all over the world. <3

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