Thursday, July 24, 2014

More projects

I've been working on some more crochet projects for the babies in my spare time. I made Princess two sweaters ("jerseys") - I still need to take a picture of the other one. 

I made Owlie this owl. I nicknamed her Owlie because I didn't think she was going to sleep well at night. She didn't - she's a lot better now - but Joy blames me for when she's naughty. ;)

I also made her this owl hat.

I am making baby mobiles to hang over all the cots. It was so hard to find the ring for the top! I looked so many different places. I thought about embroidery hoops, but when I finally found them, they were WAY too expensive. I ended up walking to the Builders' Warehouse around the corner and wandering through the aisles until I found cheap, flexible tubing. I cut it with an ax (the only thing I could find that was suitable), duct taped it together, and wrapped yarn carefully around it. Probably the first time I've used an ax and duct tape in a crochet project. It's less crooked than it looks in this photo. I had a hard time getting good pictures. When we get hooks to hang them up, I will take better ones.

Here's the other one (also a crummy picture). Two down, four to go!

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