Monday, July 21, 2014

It never gets easier.

So, since I haven't blogged much in a while (except for the last two days...) I've failed to update you on the latest baby home news.

"Cupcake" had to leave us several weeks ago for various reasons I can't share here- nothing we did, the social worker just feels the new arrangement is best.

Please pray for her as this is not the end of her story.

Pray for all the people involved - hopefully she will have a happy ending - it looks possible but I'm sad for the little one who has to wait in the meantime, and I'm very sad she couldn't stay with us. I cried when she left. We will miss her crazy loud laugh and giggle. She has a silly (and ear piercing) scream that led to a cute baby home nickname, but unfortunately it includes her real name so I can't share it here. ;)

She loves her lambie. <3

And we love her.

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