Monday, February 17, 2014

This week in photos

Now that I've written a long, detailed post about what I did all day Sunday, I thought you might like to see some photos! They are in no particular order.

Photo shoot with Joy and our little loves. <3

We are packin' those babies, yes we are!

This was our attempt to fix the lack of head support in Little Guy's carrier. On second thought, I'm not so sure I like it. It's really hard for me to see whether or not his face is pushed into my back...he seemed ok though either way.

More of my lovies. =)

Alyssa getting mobbed by AWANA kids who wanted to feel her hair. "It's so silky!"

Girl in my small group

The sweet faces of AWANA

Alyssa leading her group


"Pick me!"

Another carrier combo. Hm, still working on it. This was less comfortable (for me, anyways) than the other one.

Walking down our street

Vicious guard dogs

She always manages a smile for the camera (even if her face is covered with goop).

Alyssa and Little Guy


Someone left her name tag lying around, and someone else (me) has a corny sense of humor...

Working on my mom skills - putting two babies to sleep while washing dishes. Simultaneously. ;)

"Twins." Well, not really.

Aya's last night at our house! I'll miss my little buddy.

Oh, yeah, one more AWANA photo. Lerato took this. Gotta love the expression of intense concentration on my face....

It's late, and that's all for tonight!

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