Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Odds, ends and anecdotes

Here are a few of the bits and pieces of daily life. It seems like the weeks are flying by without any major events, just small bits of life happening, but good things nonetheless. I'm loving this life...although it can be hard, tiring, and scares me at times! It's all part of what makes it exciting (and stretching).

Here are a few snapshots/observations from this month...

- 1 Corinthians 15:51 "Behold, I shew you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed."

Can I get an "AMEN!"?

- I learned to sweep the carpet. With a broom. Key: short hard strokes.

- I made an entire dish without cheese. My South African friends should be proud of me. It was, however, kind of nasty. Either that or I just plain made too much of it. I was eating haluski for a week.

- Fruit salad makes a yummy "fast food." Although, it is "fast" in several aspects - not only is it easy to pull out and eat, it also must be eaten up quickly....

- If you're a baby or toddler, milk makes everything magically better. Still trying to figure out how this works. Maybe I could apply it to grown-up life. My boss/spouse/parent/teenager is mad at me? "Here, have a bottle of milk."*sigh* If only life were that easy! (You bet I'd be carrying around bottles of milk all the time...)

- Africans. Cars. I'm starting to think "how many people can I fit in this car?" is the main qualifier when they buy one. "I bought this five-seater car because it could fit four in the back seat!" is not an uncommon statement. Oh well. I'm just laughing and loving it...

- Oy vey, I may have participated in the funniest misunderstanding, ever, recently. I was up at the baby home working one evening. The conversation went something like this:

Joy: I need to name the kittens.
Me: Name the kittens?
Joy: Yes, the kittens that Marda brought. She wanted me to name them.
Me: The kittens?
Me: Well, ok, where are they?
Joy: In the room.
Me: (I run from room to room, thinking there must be stuffed kittens. Or something.) Joy, I can't find them.
Joy: They're in the bag on that chair.
Me: (I open the bag and find....curtains. A light dawns. Not name the kittens. Hang the curtains...) You know how people with British accents drop their "r's"? The accent here is similar...

- Themba has started calling himself "Uncle Me." Aya now calls me Aka (Uncle) Abbie instead of Ati (Auntie) Abbie.

- You can continue to pray for me on this whole street witnessing thing. The conversation goes something like this:

Bible study friends: WE ARE GOING TO GO STREET WITNESS! IT WILL BE POWERFUL!!!!! (their word for awesome)
Bible study friends: WE WILL TEACH YOU!!! IT WILL BE POWERFUL!!!
Yes, the church fellowship here is very intense! It looks like this will be a sure thing now. And as I mentioned before, I am scared out of my ever- living mind! I'm learning a lot about "fear of man" here. Namely, that I have a lot of it.

- I stay up too late. Like, tonight. I have so many other things I should tell you, but I need to go to bed before some babies wake up and want milk!

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