Thursday, March 12, 2015

Support update and humorous moment of the day

AAAAAHHHH!! Do you see that thermometer, guys? The one on the right of the blog? It's been rocketing higher and higher this past month and I'm starting to really feel the imminence of this all! It's funny, when I first came home I felt like it was all going to happen so quickly, but then everything took a long time and while it was frustrating for a while, I kind of settled into the whole routine of waiting, waiting, waiting...but now it's all happening really fast - less than $4000 to go!

It's really time to start working on my visa, at least the preliminary documents I need to compile, such as doctor's clearances, background checks, etc. I probably will wait to send everything in until I can give definite travel dates

Today I was able to speak at our homeschool group. There are a lot of new faces there (I graduated six years ago) but I still have many friends there, so it was fun to see everyone. I sold curriculum and crafts and did quite well. My friend got me a VERY large salad bowl to put donations in, which was slightly awkward/funny, particularly as the little kids kept staring at it and estimating how much was in there!

Lizzie (8 year old former piano student with a squeaky cartoon voice): How much is in there?
Me: I don't know.
Lizzie: I like to count money, you know. It doesn't even have to be my own money. I just like to count money. I could count your money for you. Can I count your money please? I really love to count money. It's so much fun.
Me: Uh, that's fine...I'll count it later.
Lizzie: I bet there's a HUNDRED DOLLARS in there! You'll be able to go back to Bulgaria now!

Lizzie seems especially compassionate towards my goal to return to Africa (not Bulgaria) and, since she couldn't count my money for me, started thinking of other ways she could help. "You know, Miss Abbie, if you're still around this summer, I have this business..."

Kenzie (older sister) with tone of slight disgust: Yeah, she has this business. She sells Dum-Dums and she made $27 doing it one day.

Lizzie (innocently, probably batting her eyelashes): Well, I TOLD people they were only ten cents and fifteen cents, but they just kept giving me five dollars...

Me: There's a name for that kind of business, but I can't think of it...

Kenzie (proceeds to warn me about hiring on with Lizzie): Yeah, she got Emilee (middle sister) to work for her ALL SUMMER. Emilee signed this contract and didn't read it first! She's getting paid 50 cents an hour and only gets one break...

Apparently this business goes beyond Dum-Dums and extends to car-washing and dog grooming as well. So if you're in the Warren area and need a dog groomed, a car washed, or a very overpriced Dum-Dum, be sure to look up Lizzie & Co. Needless to say, I don't think I will be hiring on with them to raise the remainder of my support. But it was a kind thought. =)

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