Thursday, April 10, 2014

The sadly neglected Megan corner

I've realized I haven't included a funny quote in any of the last few blog posts! (Gasp!) So without further ado...

The Megan Corner

Megan: Have you ever seen anything so cute you wanted to bite it?
Me: I think that's a sign of some kind of mineral deficiency...

Megan: One day Alyssa is going to cut herself and Coke is going to pour out instead of blood...

(We are at the mall. What is apparently a cute guy walks past (I didn't see...) and both girls whip their heads around.)
Me: This is a mall...they sell clothes here...not boys...

This one doesn't include Megan, but in the spirit of all things funny...

Alyssa: Easter is on National Marijuana Day this year. That's so sad.
Me: Yeah, it'll be like, 'Here, kids, have a little extra grass in your baskets....'


  1. Ha ha! You can make me laugh all the way from Africa! :)

    1. It's 'cause I'M YOUR BESTIE!!! <3 <3 <3