Sunday, April 6, 2014

Baby Home Photos - Funnies =)

I got hold of the card from the "official" baby home camera tonight, and there were some photos that were too good not to share! Some of them are old, from when I first came in January, so if you're wondering why Sunshine is still here...she's not. ;)

"Can't a guy even take a nap in privacy?"

"They have no idea what I just got away with."


Powerful, Akani, powerful...

"I SAID I didn't want to be in your selfie!!!!!"

"Help me!! They're letting the giant bear eat me!!"

Bumbos: providing sleeping children with proper neck posture worldwide.

"Seriously, Mom?"

"You think double chins like this just happen?"

"Think happy thoughts! Sunshine and flowers and...poop. I think I need to poop."

"The Bumbo is eating me! Help!"

"Hi. I'm Megan. I love babies and my beautiful smile lights up the room!"

"What is this thing and how did it get on my lap?"

This is before she realized she'd be up all night with the new baby.

Ach, the stripes....OCD sufferers beware.

Auntie Abbie leading a circle of babies in rousing campfire songs.

Little (Big) Guy and Princess were having an emotional moment and had to hold hands for moral support...the songs were just too touching. Many tears were shed.

Auntie really put her whole heart into the songs. LG and P continued to support each other during this tearful time while Squishy stood by to offer counseling if needed. 

Cool dude!


"You said you were going to put me down for a nap?"

"That's a funny story, tell another!"

"No really, I'm being serious. Naps bring on an allergic reaction in babies. They start crying and their face turns all red and wrinkly."

"Welcome to my crib."

"Sorry about the space, I've had it since I was a baby....this just isn't the kind of place that grows with you. Think it's time to start looking for a new hood...."


"There's a monster. On my head. ITHINKIT'SGOINGTOEATME."

"Come on bro, let's race!"

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