Monday, March 10, 2014

Trips to the Boeremark...and an announcement for those of you not on Facebook!

For those of you who aren't on Facebook and haven't heard (which is probably only one or two of you...) I will be staying through the end of August instead of the end of May! I'm so excited to stay longer! Please pray about the next step in my journey. I'm feeling called to orphan care full time, but not sure how or when that will work out.

So, here is a snippet of what I have been up to in my free time!

Sometimes on Saturdays we go to the Boeremark, or local Afrikaans market. It opens up at the crack of dawn (we don't get there till about 7 usually) and closes by 9 a.m. There are lots of things to see (and eat).

Many of these animals are made from beads and wire. They have awesome rainbow giraffes. I think I forgot to get a picture.

Yes, zebra skins!

I think it's bigger than my head.

Not sure what kind of a face Eliya is making. She didn't think cotton candy was food, but was bound and determined to hold onto the stick.

Very cool scarves. I'm going to get one, soon...oh, and notice the Bulgaria shirt. ;)

Possibly one of my favorite booths - lots of cool sewing stuff. There's a table full of crocheted hats (including minons, like I make) but I didn't get a picture this time.

Wooden toys

Because obviously, any self-respecting mom would walk past this stand and say, "Hm, my child is missing something today. I know. Sugar. I think I'll buy them a syringe full of frosting."
Yeah. Right.

There are lots of other yummy things, too, that I didn't get pictures of this time. They have a selection of fresh produce that is usually picked over by the time we get there at 7 (a.m. - people are serious about this stuff.) There is an herb table that has huge sacks of dried herbs and spices. I've enjoyed melkos (probably spelled wrong) which means "milk food." It's a milk pudding with cinnamon and sugar. The "Muffin Man" is there with his huge, delicious muffins, and the vetkoek vendor. ("Vetkoek" means "fat cake" and it is fried bread with a variety of fillings, such as cheese and jam - together...) I also like the Indian food, samosas, that I tried on Saturday. They are little triangular pastries with different savory/spicy fillings. They are sooo good! 

That is all for tonight!


  1. I do believe I would seriously go broke at that market. I could easily down a few syringes of frosting too. Yum!

    1. Oh trust me. I could too. The lady who supervises the interns manages the details of our support money, and I ask her for an "allowance" so I don't spend too much...LOL! I'm usually too full of cotton candy, vetkoeke, hot cocoa, melkos, muffins, samosas, etc for the frosting to look appealing though...oh, and I still need to try the bacon wrapped hot dogs!

  2. Sooo cool Abbie! I'm so thankful you get to stay there! We'll be praying for your "call" to full time orphan work! What a beautiful place!

    1. <3 you guys! Praying for your upcoming trip as well!! Please hug that sweet little girl for me!

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