Monday, March 10, 2014

Quotes and other funny anecdotes

Hm, I knew I had a lot of funny things to post, but I should have been taking notes! I sit down and forget what I was going to write. Thankfully, I have roommates that are generating more as I type. Like Megan.


Megan: Uproar. It's such a funny word. Don't you think it's weird?

Megan: I think you can be a flexitarian. (It's kind of like a non-committal vegetarian.)

Megan: Can I have your phone number? I might get lost.
Cintelle: Where would you get lost?
Me: In our room?
Megan: Yes, clothes might fall all over me.
(This is a legitimate fear.)

Alyssa (asking Lerato): Do nouns have male and female genders in your language? (You know, like Spanish...) Like a male table, a female chair...?
Lerato: Why? They're not going to have babies!

Joy: I have a crush now. You can teach me.
Me: Uhhhh....what am I going to teach you about crushes?
(Apparently "crush" is how some people say "crochet." Joy still randomly taps me and goes, "Kittens!!")

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