Monday, March 17, 2014

Missions team - busy week! Plus, more news...

UPDATE: I have, again, changed my mind about how long I want to stay. I'll now be here through mid-November. Please pray that everything works out for me to stay. =)

We had a missions team from Orange County, California here for ten days. They spent all day Wednesday and part of Friday at the baby home, where they helped care for the babies and did multiple work projects.

Several ladies worked together to paint a lovely mural in the living room of the baby home. 

Some of the men installed shelves in the back building kitchen.

They also sealed the brick walls in the interns' bedrooms. (Hopefully now it will be less dusty.)

They also put tile up against the back of the kitchen countertops.

We got many donations for the baby home. All the little ones are sporting cute new clothes! I need to take some photos.

They helped lead AWANA for the past two Fridays.

We did Gospel bracelets last Friday. The kids were excited to get them. One little boy in our group wanted to make sure to have a paper with the explanation of each bead, so he would remember the message.

Large group Bible lesson time at AWANA

Cleanup after a long day! Princess and I are both tired!

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