Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wooden Tray Upgrade

So this is more of a project idea than a DIY tutorial - because I was really bad at taking step-by-step pictures of my projects this year.

I bought this kind of ugly wooden tray very cheaply at the local thrift shop. At least, I thought it was ugly. I'm pretty sure all my aunties thought it was beautiful, ha ha! I had something different in mind for it than decoupaged poppies.

So the progression of steps was as follows:

1. I spray painted purple the side that had flowers on it.
2. I used masking tape to create stripes - I measured with a ruler to make them as even as possible.
3. I spray painted the whole thing white.
4. I pulled off the tape and used a small paintbrush to touch up the messy spots. (Tip: if you hold the can of spray paint very close to the lid and spray into it, you have a small amount of liquid, usable paint that matches whatever you sprayed.)


I DIY'd the little rose jar as well. I found a plaster rose, a cute mason jar base, and a lid (separately) at thrift stores. I glued the lid and the rose together, and spray painted it, and there you have it - a little jar to store jewelry...or Q-tips...or...something, I haven't decided yet.

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