Monday, May 18, 2015

Almost time...

I can't believe I'm leaving in...well, I refuse to count down, but I'm leaving on the 27th. Do your own math! I'm too busy trying to accomplish everything necessary in a precious small amount of time. My mind is in a constant spiral trying to remember everything and I am definitely at a risk for schedule conflicts as I keep forgetting things I planned to do...despite my one-time attempt at using Google Calendar, which oh-so-conveniently emails me about ten minutes before I'm supposed to BE somewhere. Yes, I know I could change that, but it's one of the things I keep forgetting to do...

I have, however, done a significant number of things in the last month or so. I...

- bought plane tickets.
- got my visa.
- renewed my drivers' license.
- got my international driving permit.
- finished my quilt that I'm taking with me.
- visited my friend who I went to Bulgaria with last December.
- visited my friends from South Africa who live in Lancaster, PA.
- hosted my best friend for a week.
- did a massive amount of thrift shopping in preparation for the thrift store drought that lies ahead. ;) No, really, I did actually need clothes. Tank tops are kind of a necessity in hot South Africa...
- did my online shopping for the things I wanted to take back.
- did my online shopping for the things others wanted me to bring back. (For example, an automotive scanner and human hair...)
- learned to drive stick shift.
- shopped online for cars (although I'll have to wait until I go over to do any real shopping).
- finished up my journal orders.
- wrote a lot of craft tutorials for my blog that didn't have anything to do with the to-do list I needed to accomplish...
- cleaned my room for the first time in forever. Sort of organized it.
- judged for the homeschool group's Project Fair.

...among other things. It doesn't sound like much when I write it out but it's all the little things that take up the most time! More than the physical tasks, though, it's trying to spend time with all the people that I care never feels like enough when I think that I will be leaving them for an indefinite period of time.

Please keep me in your prayers. Everyone assumes I must be out of my skin with excitement, but to be honest, I'm quite nervous. Yes, I know people this time, yes, I know I'm called to go, and yes, orphan care is my passion - but it's a major life change and I am rather anxious. This time, I know what it's like to miss people and be homesick, and I'm leaving for longer. I am also not an intern anymore, and that means a little more responsibility (aaahhh!).

Funds are coming together. This is a thank you/shout out to the anonymous person at church to donated $2000 - you may never be on the internet or read this, but you covered the rest of the potential, unexpected amount needed for taxes, and took a HUGE load off my mind! And of course, a huge thank you to everyone who has helped me raise funds to meet and exceed my goal. (I updated the thermometer on the side - finally! - by the way.) Many of you I know but many of you are anonymous. Someone asked my advice on fundraising. I told them the truth - I'm actually quite horrible at raising funds. God does it all and I don't know where probably a third of my money has come from, really. I look at our tiny church and scratch my head! They are deeply generous.

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