Monday, February 9, 2015

Remember that time when...

So, I'm sorting through all of my baby home/internship photos from the last year (roughly 4000...) in order to put together a Power Point presentation. (Power Point 97 was free, which is why I have it, but it is so outdated. I think I might upgrade to chalk art.) I found lots of pictures that sparked fun memories! Of course, most of you weren't there with me, but pretend you were....

Remember when....

...we had tiny baby burritos that shared one cot? And they were the most adorable (and noisy) things ever?

...I made Auntie Britt a mayonnaise cake and she tried SO hard to pretend she liked it? She fooled me! (She has this THING with mayonnaise. Or even the thought of mayonnaise.)

...Megan got stuck in the couch?

...our house got mixed up with a box factory?

...we found a shirt from the 1970's?

...Cintelle found unusual places to hang her name tag?

...I ate crocodile?

...we were home to an adorable escape artist who could only crawl backwards?

...Megan ran out of coffee?

...I decided that I truly must be a foreigner here, based on the number of adapters it took to power my laptop?

...I discovered that South Africans inject themselves with frosting?

...something sneaky was going on with that orange juice? roommates and I were Not Fighting over the state of our room?

...Megan smiled?

...Big Guy finally gave up the fight and decided he did not, after all, live in an owl sanctuary where we stay up all night?

...Akani was awesome?

...Sunshine was decidedly up to something?

...I passionately sang "I'll Fly Away" in our campfire-style circle, and the babies held hands in an attempt to console one another during the 5 pm Unhappy Hour? roommates said, "Don't post our picture on Facebook!"?

...Owlie wore a hat?

All right, now I'm off again...this chalk art...I mean presentation...isn't going to create itself...


  1. Love seeing these little moments. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for commenting! Hardly anyone does on here. =)