Friday, February 27, 2015

Double Stuff...yup, TWINS!!!

This is me over here in the States, blogging vicariously for the baby!

MBH has had only four babies for the last few months (we are able to hold 6) so I'd kind of been hoping they'd be able to take in more soon. Not that I want more babies to be abandoned! But babies are already being abandoned every day, despite all of our wishes to the contrary, and I'd rather they come to the baby home than going to a large orphanage where they're just another warm body in a cot.

So I was super excited to get on Facebook earlier today and find that...

...we have TWINS!!

Twin girls, to be exact! I've always wanted twin girls, so much so in fact that if I don't have any biologically, I just might look for some to adopt. =) Admittedly, I can't do either of those things at this stage in my life, so caring for them at the baby home will be the next best thing!

Talk about a handful! Two hands full, and many hearts as well. Double the love, double the cuteness, double the crying and midnight feedings and diaper changes (of course...)...double the blessings!

I hadn't planned on nicknaming all the new arrivals until I met them, knew their personalities, and found out if they had any baby home nicknames already (like Small). But there are sooo many good potential nicknames for twins, I don't think I can wait that seriously, I could make a list a mile long. Thing 1 and Thing 2, Sugar and Spice...I could go funny, or sweet and girly, many ideas!

I don't usually give the babies "real" names because I want to make it clear that they are nicknames. But I think with these two, Grace and Peace are just perfect. Like the verse in the Bible, and the awesome Fernando Ortega song based off of it. ;) Although they're real names (I know you've probably never heard of a Peace, but names like that are very common in Africa!), they are still "nickname-y" enough to suit me! Maybe it'll change later on when I meet them, but I think it works great for now!

Sisters. Together to stay. <3 I'm sad that for whatever reason they can't be with a mama who loves them, but so glad they have each other. 

I can't wait to get back and squish them both! I think that tandem babywearing is going to be taken to a whole new level. =D

See you soon, Lord willing!

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