Sunday, August 10, 2014

Unexpected delivery

Life has been pretty slow since Princess left on Wednesday - we have only had four babies and there has been a lot more time off. I'm not one to sit still very well...I like to be DOING THINGS. There are plenty of babies waiting  for us, but due to turnover of people working here within the last year, we are waiting for paperwork to go through before we officially accept any more babies. PLEASE pray it goes through very soon! Everything on our end is done - we are just waiting on government officials to do their jobs. It drives me crazy to know there are babies out there waiting! So yes, please pray.

That being said, we were surprised to come home from church late this afternoon and find this unexpected delivery on our doorstep waiting for us to "sign" for him! It's a short-term placement, so it had already been cleared by the proper authorities.

He's almost certainly only going to be here for one or two nights. I would love to keep him longer. 

For the time being, we'll call him "Buddy." He's pretty cute and really curious. He is almost a year and a half old and isn't walking yet. He is making sounds but we don't know what language he understands/is trying to speak.

He did great up until bedtime and then he was all, "Uh, no. Not putting myself to sleep in a strange crib in a strange place." So the other Abi decided he would probably like this better. Yes, definitely an African baby. =) Look at the smile. He visibly relaxed and got all happy as soon as I tied him on me.

He does the African "floppy baby" thing when you put him on your back - that thing our baby home babies never learn to do because we only carry them till the next small one comes along - they just kind of flop on your back and go limp until you've tied them on snugly. It's quite handy, much easier than Princess's unwieldy squirming!

He fell asleep in five or ten minutes. Guess we will see what tomorrow holds for you, little guy.

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