Saturday, August 23, 2014

It STILL never gets easier.

I haven't blogged for a while...sorry folks! I'm trying to keep you all more in the loop about things...

So, our little Buddy only stayed with us for about five days before he had to leave. =( 

He was just a temporary placement, mainly due to some paperwork we have to sort out before we can accept any more longer-term kiddos. I'm not allowed to share the babies' stories in any detail, but I'm really sad about him having to be shuffled around in the system, and hope he finds a forever family soon. =(

It's so hard to watch babies leave and go to places that you don't think are anywhere near the best for them. Of course, God is in control, but as part of the whole "do justly and love mercy" thing, my tendency is to want to fight tooth and nail for these little ones. And then, so often, it's all taken entirely out of your hands and there's nothing you can do.

Nothing but love them well in the short time you have. Somehow that never feels like enough.

She picked him up on the day he had to leave and asked him, "Buddy, do you know you are loved?"

(I think he did.)

He was so sweet. Ok, no toddler is an angel...but he just wanted to be loved. 

So sorry, Buddy. I wish I could have been your forever. I pray you will find it soon.

P.S. There is an important meeting on Monday at the department to talk about screening our manager as the foster mom that we have to have on property. There have been some concerns expressed about screening a non-South African. Please pray it all goes well!

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