Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mirror Redo

More DIY projects! When I moved into my little room at the baby home. Joy and I inherited this (not so) lovely mirror. The edges were chipped, flecked, and in some cases broken off entirely. However, it was a mirror and we needed a mirror, so we had someone mount it on our bedroom door, which was basically the only free space. 

It was badly in need of some aesthetic help. So I went to Metro for supplies and went at it with my glue gun - the one with the world's shortest cord. Seriously, how do they even expect you to be able to use this?! 

I liked this sequined trim. I hot glued it all the way around the edge of the mirror - very simple.

It looked a lot better, but there was still the issue of that broken corner to deal with. I decided to cover it up with some fake flower/rosette things.

It's been a while since I did this project, but I think I glued the last scrap of sequin ribbon  to a cardboard square to build the corner poking out from behind the flowers - to at least create the illusion that the corner of the mirror still existed!

Finished product! 

I suppose it would have been easier to just buy a new mirror, but sometimes you just have to make do with what you have! And I like the sparkles.

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