Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Update!! Good news!!

Do you see this?

I have tickets to South Africa!!!

After many months of snow, crafting, and support raising, I am finally going back! I leave May 27th and arrive on the 28th. I am flying to Atlanta and taking a direct flight from there - first time not stopping in Europe! It's a long flight - over 15 hours!

I booked my tickets through Golden Rule Travel. They are a wonderful travel agency that works with missionaries and adoptive families to get them good rates on tickets. I paid about what I would have if I'd have shopped around, but I get extra baggage allowance, and it's SO nice to be able to talk to a human being - the same one each time - who is even located in Ohio!

Now it's time to send my visa information in pronto! Please pray that it goes through quickly, with no problems.

I am still raising support - still in need of monthly supporters in particular. You can check the thermometer on the side of my blog to see how far along I am, and for more information. =)

43 days to go!

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