Saturday, November 1, 2014

From one set of hands to another.

We haven't had internet for about a week, so I haven't been able to tell you all the news going on here at the baby home!

Our sweet "Small" now has a forever family! (Owlie does too, but I'm waiting on pictures that I forgot to load to do a goodbye post for her...)

I got to write him a letter to send with his forever family. This isn't it (I didn't save a copy) but the same sentiment is there!

Dear Small,

You were so tiny when you came to us! You weighed less than four pounds. You quickly earned your nickname.

You came four days after me, you know. We have been here almost the same amount of time. I love you. You have been my special little buddy. I didn't get to take care of you much after they created a preemie room, but I enjoyed my weekly shifts with you when the caregivers left to go to Bible study. I would sit and snuggle you and love every minute. 

When you were four months old, I stayed with you in the hospital for a week - your other auntie stayed overnights and I would stay all day. You were really feeling under the weather and I did everything I knew to make you feel better. I rubbed your tummy when it hurt and fixed your oxygen tubes and fed you little sips of formula at a time so you wouldn't throw them up so much. 

Mostly I just sat and held you all day. It was a long week and the nurses were cranky. Some of them said some not very nice things about you when they learned your story - things that made me want to cry.

To try and help you feel better faster, we did some kangaroo care. You liked being snuggled up next to me. I have to say, it shocked a few people, particularly the ones who wondered if I was breastfeeding. =) They really did a double take when I pulled you out from under my shirt!

We have all loved you just as if you were our own. I loved to carry you around on my back!

I know your Mama probably is very sad that she couldn't be there for so much of your first year. 

But I want her to know that I (and everyone else) have loved you just as much as we possibly could, and hopefully we laid a good foundation for you to receive her love next.

I hope and pray you will grow to know Jesus someday. 

I have been so blessed to have you in my life this year! 

I will miss you.


Auntie Abbie

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