Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What we have been up to

1. Not blogging. This one has been pretty obvious. Sorry, folks. It's not even like I haven't had time - it's been a little more relaxed. (That being said, I always do find myself far busier than my work schedule makes me out to be.) I've just kind of gotten out of the habit. That's bad...

But this cute face will make it ok, right? =

2. Gospel Community in a local refugee community, Salvokop. It's probably more what you think of when you envision Africa, at least to some extent. Most of its inhabitants live in one-room tin shacks. Some of the shacks are quite nice, however. It's amazing how much you can neatly pack into such a small space. Quite a few of our church members live there.

Abi V and I are hopefully going to start a crochet club in Salvokop with some of the ladies. I'm pretty excited - it should be fun!

3. Janelle and I are going to start volunteering at Sunnyside Primary on Wednesday mornings. Randy, one of the 1Hope members who is also a teacher, already works there, pulling kids out who need a little extra attention and reading with them, playing games with them, etc. He took us once to meet the teachers and set things up, and we were supposed to go with him at least once before his family goes back to the States for a few months to set things up for coming back long-term. It looks like there's a school holiday this week though, so I'm not sure how that's going to work out...guess I will be leaning heavily on Janelle, who is going to school to be a teacher! She should know what she is doing! =)

4. I've been able to hang out with the youth group on Friday nights when I'm not working, building relationships with more people from our church.

5. Lots of dinners with people at their houses! It's been fun. We really need to have more people over here before we leave in November...

6. Yesterday, Janelle and I went with Abi and some of the babies to a bunch of doctor's appointments in Joburg. There is an adoption clinic where babies from various children's homes are cleared for adoption. We got to meet people from a number of different baby and children's homes. That was pretty cool.

7. Street evangelism on Mondays, when we're not working. Did any of you read the blog post where I explained that this was one of my worst fears? I prayed that I would be more bold. Then God decided to arrange a chance for it to happen every week. Sometimes I hate it when He answers prayers...You can all pray for me because this is about a hundred miles out of my comfort zone.

It's Super-Small!

8. A trip five or six hours away to Limpopo to our friend's home village. I'm posting a blogpost about this as soon as I can get stuff to upload!

9. Spending time with my African family...you can read all about them in this great blog post from Britt! 

10. Laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning...you know, the norm!

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