I work at Muphamuzi Baby Home as a caregiver. For more information, check out the "About Me" tab. I am currently home in Ohio while I raise monthly support to return long-term.

If you'd like to partner with me in this, you can donate by clicking on the thermometer on the side of my blog. This will take you to the ministry's web site - the donation page is here. Select "sign in," "create a new account," or "donate as guest," then continue to the next page. Step 1 is "Enter an amount." Step 2 is "Multiply your impact." (Select a one-time, monthly, or yearly donation.) Step 3 is "Select a cause." If you click on the drop down menu for "select a cause," you can select to donate to me - I'm listed under "MBH intern support - Abbie." (Some people are having trouble finding me on the site, so that's why I am giving such a detailed explanation. =) ) This is a tax-deductible donation, and I receive 100% of what is donated.

I am hoping to start some specific fundraisers soon to cover my one-time costs (like my plane ticket back). I will be opening my Etsy shop soon and you can also stop by Abbie's Happy Heads on Facebook.

If you would like to commit to a certain monthly amount, and don't intend to be anonymous, I would love to know - it really helps in the planning process! =)

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